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Die Kunst ist die Revolution der Zukunft
(Art is the Revolution of the Future)

Jonathan Meese

  • Limited edition of 10 copies
    * 4c print
    * DIN A 1 (84,1 x 59,4 cm) folded to DIN A 4
    * printed on front and back
    * with black banderole bearing the inscription
    "Das Gruselkabinett des Dr. Erzmarx (der Getreidaddy)"
    * hand signed, worked on and lettered by the artist
    with black and red felt-tip pen

    Special edition of the paperwork for the Jonathan Meese's show "The Creepy Horror Cabinet of Dr Erzmarx (the Graindaddy)" in Karl Marx' birthplace in Trier. Limited to only 10 copies.

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