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Brigade Commerz is pleased to announce a special edition version of Raymond Pettibon’s 10inch disc “You're the Top (Ski)”.


Limited to only 25 copies worldwide, each hand-signed by the artist, this framed and screen printed edition of Raymond Pettibon’s “Who am I?”  is the continuation of a series of great special editions with the artist


Product Details:

Limited edition of 25 copies
* 1 x one-track 10 inch with music by R. Pettibon & O. Augst
* 90-gram heavyweight white vinyl
* Sreenprint of an artwork by Raymond Pettibon
* Hand signed by the artist
* On beige cardboard with BC logo and number

* Twelve Inch Adapter
* Exclusively framed in black wooden frame (40 x 40 cm)

* 1 x one-track 10 inch with music by R. Pettibon & O. Augst
* 90-gram heavyweight white vinyl
* Screenprint of an artwork by Pettibon
* In transparent sleeve, white disc cover and bespoke 4 c insert
* Download link

** six copies excusively with a drawing or lettered by the artist  (see below)


This limited edition is available to order now, exclusively from Brigade Commerz.


€ 600



Brigade Commerz Editions is part of Brigade Commerz Audio Arts Archives, established in 2008. Our label releases audio CDs and limited editions of 12 inch picture discs in collaboration with leading contemporary artists and musicians. Showing images on their playing surface the picture disc allows to function as a hybrid medium between sound record and graphic art.

Every single edition is limited to 50 copies, 25 copies as LIMITED VINYL and 25 copies as ARTIST EDITION, especially hand signed and numbered by the artist on the graphic side.




Raymond Pettibon & Oliver Augst


Limited edition of 50 copies


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Raymond Pettibon Top_Side A Kopie.jpg
Top-Ski_Inlay_wix Kopiesr.jpg

Pettibon & Augst (2019)

Nr. 1/4/5/8/17


For more infos, visit our shop

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