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Established in 2008, Brigade Commerz encompasses the Brigade Commerz Audio Arts Archives and the Brigade Commerz Editions, in addition to all of its other arts activities. These include books, contributions to exhibitions and collaborations between musicians and contemporary artists.


In the short time since its inception the Audio Arts Archives released 13 Audio Cds. Releases to date include: Martin Kippenberger, Otto Dix, Liam Gillick, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Jonathan Meese, Joseph Beuys, Jeremy Deller, Sarah Morris, Daniel Richter, David Lynch, Ernst Jünger.


The Brigade Commerz Editions, mainly a record label, releases limited editions of 12inch picture discs made in collaborations with musicians and artists. Showing images on their playing surface the picture vinyl allows to function as a hybrid medium between sound record and graphic art. Starting with Liam Gillick & Corinne Jones previous releases include Raymond Pettibon’s "Burma Shave Electrics" (with Oliver Augst), Ilya Kabakov’s "Der Hase in der Kunstakademie" (with Emilia Kabakov), "More The Golden Kot Quartett" (Günther Förg, Martin Kippenberger, Hubert Kiecol, Albert Oehlen), Marcel Odenbach’s "The Idea of Africa" and Richard "Prince’s It’s A Free Concert Now".


Brigade Commerz works in partnership with the leading arts organisation. Key projects include Liam Gillick, "A Kitchen Cat Speaks" for the German Pavilion at the 53rd Venice Biennale, Martin Kippenberger, "I Was Born Under A Wand’rin’ Star" for the Estate of Martin Kippenberger and Jeremy Deller, "Social Surrealism" for Grizedale Arts.





"Record House", Photo: Richard Prince

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