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Hailed as one of Germany’s most established video artists, who dealt with the tragedies of German history in the 20th century – from the break with culture in NS regime, RAF terrorism and aftermath, to xenophobia and hate in Germany after 1989, Marcel Odenbach has created simultaneously a huge body of paper works and writings that reveals the sources and effects of colonialism in recent African history. His source materials range widely from found footage in film and photography to newpaper and magazine images.


Marcel Odenbach was born in Cologne, Germany, in 1953. His work has been featured in documenta, Kassel, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris,  Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Museum of Modern Art, New York. In 2013 the Kunstmuseum Bonn presented Odenbach exclusively as draftsman and collagist.


Odenbach lives and works in Cologne.


Photo: Malwine Rafalski

Marcel Odenbach

Brigade Commerz / Marcel Odenbach (2015)

Limited edition of 25 copies 


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Marcel Odenbach

Brigade Commerz / Marcel Odenbach (2015)

Artist Edition of 25 hand signed and numbered copies.


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