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Richard Prince has helped to rewrite the rules of contemporary art since the late seventies. Starting with appropriating photographs Prince has probed the mythical status of cowboys, bikers, cars, and celebreties and their role in the contruction of an American identity.


His interest in the convergence of art and music is evident from an early performance of Jim Morrison and the Doors in the Whisky-Go-Go, where "he walked into in 1977", to the announcement in Woodstock on the second day, that „it’s a free concert from now on“.


Today Prince lives upstate New York in the Catskills near Woodstock. „Record House“ (2012) is located there and was a hunting cabin before Prince bought it and used records like shingles for the cladding.


For „Loud Song“ (1985) Prince recorded what he played on an electric keyboard with a cassette tape recorder. He then played the tape and more keyboard and recorded both sounds on a second cassette …






Photo: Rudolf Sagmeister © Kunsthaus Bregenz 

Richard Prince

Brigade Commerz / Richard Prince (2015)

Limited edition of 25 copies 


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Richard Prince

Brigade Commerz / Richard Prince (2015)

Special edition of Richard Prince 12inch picture vinyl It's A Free Concert Now. Artist Edition of 25 hand signed and numbered copies.


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