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Brigade Commerz is pleased to announce a limited edition version of Jeff Wall's new 12 inch picture disc "Jeff Wall and Guests", including an interview with Jeff Wall on "Band & Crowd" and two songs by GSTS from the record GF/TF. Limited to just 25 copies worldwide.


"Jeff Wall and Guests" is a limited edition based on Jeff Wall's iconic color photo "Band & Crowd" (2011). Bringing the photo and music of the band GSTS back together on a record is a completely new approach to the artist's work: "Generally I don’t like anything to disturb my picture and to find something outside of it. However, in this case, I don’t think it would be a problem. It might be amusing. "


Product Details:
Limited edition of 25 copies worldwide 
*12 inch 180 g heavyweight picture vinyl
* exclusive artwork by Jeff Wall
* 4-track LP including and interview with the artist and music by GSTS

* In transparent plastic bag and black maxi sleeve
Download link


This stunning edition is available to order now, exclusively from Brigade Commerz. Release 25th May 2019.


€ 120



Brigade Commerz Editions is part of Brigade Commerz Audio Arts Archives, established in 2008. Our label releases audio CDs and limited editions of 12 inch picture discs in collaboration with leading contemporary artists and musicians. Showing images on their playing surface the picture disc allows to function as a hybrid medium between sound record and graphic art.

Every single edition is limited to 50 copies, 25 copies as LIMITED VINYL and 25 copies as ARTIST EDITION, especially hand signed and numbered by the artist on the graphic side.




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Jeff Wall and Guests (2019)

Limited edition of 25 copies 



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