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[Special Edition of Martin Kippenberger I was born under a Wand'rin' Star with signed and numbered Print]


* Arizona, 4 C print on translucent paper, hand signed and numbered by Tobias Rehberger

* XXL Booklet with cover illustrations by Tobias Rehberger

* Original recordings by Martin Kippenberger

* 18 tracks pressed on 140-gram vinyl

* In white sleeve, artwork by Daily Dialogue

* Limited edition of 30

Release February 2021

€ 300

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Brigade Commerz first collaboration with Tobias Rehberger for the reissue of our classic Martin Kippenberger I was born under a Wand'rin' Star on 12" vinyl. 




Tobias Rehberger

Arizona, 2021

Limited edition of 30 copies

signed and numbered


Martin Kippenberger_Wandrin StarMartin Kippenberger Diedrich Diederichsen
00:00 / 02:24
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Tobias Rehberger Booklet.jpg

Tobias Rehberger

11 abgelehnte Entwürfe für ein Plattencover

Booklet with 11 Cover Illustrations for the LP

Martin Kippenberger I was born under a Wand'rin' Star


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