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Only for our new customers


Hand signed and numbered records and very rare Pettibon remains from the Brigade Archive.


This has not been seen in the last ten years. We sell some of our Pettibon treasures exclusively for our first-time customers outside their bundle - but at a much lower price and no less desirable.

All handsigned and numbered copies 300 Euro

Rare copies from the BC Archive 60/120 Euro


Pettibon The Saucer Such.jpg

Raymond Pettibon

No title (The Saucer Such), 2015

handsigned and numbered by the artist

(edition of 25 copies)

Pettibon-Who Am I?_B Seite.jpg

Raymond Pettibon

No title (Who Am I?), 2018

handsigned by the artist

(edition of 25 copies)

Raymond Pettibon_Side B Kopie.jpg
Pettibon & Augst_B Side_unsigned.jpg

Raymond Pettibon & Oliver Augst

Brigade Commerz / Pettibon, Augst (2012)

3 very rare remains from the BC Archive

Pettibon_Side A.JPG
PRINTSRV_G1-G1-1-04_0169_001 Kopie.jpg

Black Flag

Everything Went Black

Original LP from 1982


PRINTSRV_G1-G1-1-04_0173_001 Kopie.jpg

Raymond Pettibon

Whatever it is you're looking for ... (2006)

Catalogue signed by the artist



Raymond Pettibon

Up The Threshold 1992

2 very rare remains from the BC Archive


Richard Prince_Side B.jpg

Richard Prince

Brigade Commerz / Richard Prince (2015)

5 very rare remains from the BC Archive


Richard Prince_Side A.jpg
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