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Ilya & Emilia Kabakov

  • Product Details:
    Limited edition of 25 copies
    * 12 inch 180 g heavyweight picture vinyl
    * In transparent plastic bag and black maxi sleeve
    * 3-track LP with comments by Ilya Kabakov and his wife Emilia plus the sounds of the "Communal Kitchen"
    * Cd with original tracks

    In stock now! Legendary installation artist Ilya Kabakov remembers, how in his childhood he met a huge black bird at an art school and later “the hare at the academy of fine arts”. Like his wife Emilia he never believed in communism – art has always been the realm to escape from the nightmare of social reality. His comment on “Immortality” is contrasted with the original voices of the famous “communal kitchen” (1991). Recorded 2010 in Zug/Switzerland. (germ., engl. russ.)
    With exclusive label artwork “They are free” by Ilya Kabakov.
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