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Martin Kippenberger

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    Format: CD
    * edition of 1000 copies
    * Artwork by Christoph Keller
    * Bespoke DVD pack

    Kippenberger torn between searching for himself and the permanent trying to fill a gap. Since the early 1990s till his early death in 1997 Martin Kippenberger had felt the need to give long interviews to friends and strangers. Many of them knew his views from the nightlong pubcrawls, but in the run up to one of his main works "The Happy End of Franz Kafka’s America" Kippenberger hustled to a written fixation of his positions. These talks were never meant to be autonomous audio recordings, took place in pubs or even in the train, no wonder that this audio material fell into oblivion.

    Together with Kippenberger’s gallery Gisela Capitain and the Estate of Martin Kippenberger Robert Eikmeyer and Thomas Knoefel managed to detect most of these recordings. After long research, classification, conception and postproduction the result is a nearly 60 minutes long Audio CD with 18 tracks, which reveals Kippenberger as somebody, who knows very well that he has not so much time left. Biografical statements mingle with statements on the making of art, colleagues, the end and reflections on Hitler, heaven and hell. Kippenberger "the chosen one" at his best, potent, vulnerable, cynical, melancholic, but always "on the side of a good mood". A must not only for Kippenberger fans but also those who try to understand his enormous influence on the art since the mid90s.
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