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Otto Dix

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    Format: CD
    * edition of 1000 copies
    * Artwork by Christoph Keller
    * Bespoke DVD pack

    This Dix is nearly unknown. In nobody’s dept beside his own eye that records everything blow-by-blow and his daemon. This daemon guides him through the trenches and the inhuman battles of World War One, in the abysses and excesses of the metropolises and, when nobody expected, to the landscapes of the Lake Constance, where Dix spent his retirement. Most of the takes now revealed, were recorded there. Until now we only know Dix’s voice from a cracking record. The other recordings that Robert Eikmeyer and Thomas Knoefel rediscoverd in different broadcasting archives are a little sensation. Dix, on top form and in brilliant sound quality talks about his academic studies, important paintings and most of the time the battlefields. Again and again he is haunted by his wartime experiences. 1933 the dismissal from the academy of fine arts and the persecution through the national socialists. And later the sufferings of Jesus Christ, which only continues his previous philosophy. This Audio CD contains all existing recordings of Otto Dix. Enough material to discover a new Dix, fresh and besides of all later interpretation, pure Dix, one of the greatest painters and witnesses of the 20th century.

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