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Jonathan Meese is perhaps best known for his exuberantly growing installations and excessive performances. His sources range widely, from popular culture, films, ancient history, myth and sagas to controversial figures like Wagner, Caligula, Nero, Stalin and Hitler. Meese creates unsettlingly works that are at once humorous and profound. His use of German symbols and the Hitler salute in art has often excited controversy.


Jonathan Meese was born in 1970 in Tokyo and grew up in Ahrensburg near Hamburg. He lives and works in Berlin.


 Since his huge show „Mama Johnny“ Meese is proclaiming the Dictatorship of Art:


“The goal is clear. The goal is the dictatorship of art. The goal is that art rules the world”


Consistently producing stage designs for the theatre and opera over the last ten years, Meese is fascinated by the characters of Richard Wagner’s operas, exspecially the last one „Parsifal“.



Photo: Jana Edisonga, 2021

1_25 ohne Rand_wix.jpg


Special edition on the occasion of the exhibition Häuptling Erzhegel at the Museum Hegel-Haus

(November 15, 2021 until January 31, 2022)



Edition of 25 + 5 AP

* 4 c print on 246 g diplomate cardboard

* 42 x 29,7 cm 

* Handsigned 2 times, numbered


150,00 Euro



Tanz den Baby-Erzwolf (2018)

Special edition of 25

reworked with red felt pen, hand signed and numbered by the artist


500,00 Euro

Gatefold wix.jpg

The »Wolf of Art« Eats All Opportunists (2018)

Edition of 13

This unique jewelry collection plays with Leitmotifs from Wagner’s »Ring« and the cosmos of Jason Dark’s horror fiction series »Ghost Hunter John Sinclair«, in which werewolves were hunted with silver bullets.


1.200,00 Euro (bundle 2.000,00 Euro)

Meese Kunst Design signed Achtung.jpg


Edition of 10

* Poster

* 1189 x 841 cm

* Handsigned and lettered by the artist


300,00 Euro


Jonathan Meese (2014)

* 4c digital print
* Size: 66 cm X 49 cm
* hand signed, numbered, with lettering by the artist


350,00 Euro

Scarletttierbaby's Himbeermundgeist (2010)

Edition of 40

* Raspberry brandy distilled of well-chosen and juicy matured berries
* 50cl (40% Vol) in original bottle from the Black Forest
* Hand signed by the artist
* Exclusively on the occasion of his forthies birthday
* With black label using a special collage and the world formular of Jonathan Meese

100,00 Euro


Gralsbaby d'Annunzioz (2009)

BABYCONANNY No. 1 is one of twenty limited photos painted by Jonathan Meese made exclusively in conjunction with The Vittoriale Degli Italiani for the Dannunzioz Project at Lake Garda in 2009.



Edition of 20 / Exampel

* Acrylic on photography

* 66,30 x 49,30 cm 

* painted, lettered, numbered and hand signed by the artist

* In black wooden frame 90 x 70 cm with black passe-partout


1.200,00 Euro



JDiktatur der Kunst (2009)

Edition of 10

* Poster

* 841 x 594 cm

* handsigned and lettered by the artist


100,00 Euro


Limited edition of 40 bottles

numbered and hand signed by the artist


Out of Stock

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