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Ernst Jünger

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    Format: CD
    * edition of 1000 copies
    * Cover artwork by Jonathan Meese
    * Bespoke DVD pack

    The 3 audio cds contain nearly all the still existing recordings of Ernst Jünger. The editors, Robert Eikmeyer and Thomas Knoefel, went through a multitude of audio documents, which in many cases were especially restored and digitized for this production. Besides the audio archives of the radio stations the archive of the Deutsche Literaturarchiv in Marbach (DLA) was an essential source. The selection varies from amateur and live recordings to complex studio productions. Chronologically classified the recordings provide deep insights into Jünger’s multifaceted life and work. Again and again the author immerses himself in important stages of his biography and refers to books and essays like "The Worker" or "Storm of Steel".

    CD 1 (1954-1965)
    Das Sanduhrbuch
    Erinnerung an Kubin
    Interview zum 70. Geburtstag

    CD2 (1965-1968)
    Forscher und Liebhaber
    Bunter Staub
    Festakt zu Ehren von Friedrich Georg Jünger

    CD3 (1982-1995)
    Rede bei der Verleihung des Goethepreises
    Interview anlässlich des Besuches von J. L. Borges
    Nachtrag zu Autor und Autorschaft
    Tiger Meskalin
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