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Brigade Commerz

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Jeff Wall and Guests

  • Product Details:
    Limited edition of 25 copies
    12 inch 180 g heavyweight picture vinyl

    * exclusive artwork by Jeff Wall
    * 4-track LP including and interview with the artist and music by GSTS
    * In transparent plastic bag and black maxi sleeve
    * 2-track LP with an interview and music by Richard Prince
    Download link

    Brigade Commerz is pleased to announce a limited edition version of Jeff Wall's new 12 inch picture disc "Jeff Wall and Guests", including an interview with Jeff Wall on "Band & Crowd" and two songs by GSTS from the record GFTF. Limited to just 25 copies worldwide.


    Side One

    Jeff Wall on "Band & Crowd"

    1. They used to call themselves GSTS

    2. I thought it's a bit of a self-referential element

    Side Two

    GSTS from GF/TF

    1. Hot damn, snake on my gun

    2. There's a triangle in all of us
    Loud Song (4.57)

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