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Jeremy Deller

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    Format: CD
    * edition of 1000 copies
    * Artwork by Christoph Keller
    * Bespoke DVD pack

    On September 15th 2010 Robert Eikmeyer and Alistair Hudson met Jeremy Deller in his flat in London to talk about his work. For many years now, Deller has been at the forefront of a generation of artists who operate within the social arena, orchestrating real life scenarios to illuminate the wider context. In 2001 with his "Battle of Orgreave" he worked with re-enactment societies to re-create the confrontations between striking British miners and the police and in "Acid Brass" he got a brass band to entertain with acid house music to millions of spectators. He has organised processions with blind people, homeless and goth kids, designed a bat house in London, made a film about the fans of Depeche Mode and toured a bomb damaged Iraqi car around the US. In many ways Deller’s "Social Surrealism" is mischievous, a way to unsettle and subvert the established world, and change the way we look at it.

    Our Hobby Is Depeche Mode
    Andy Warhol
    The Battle Of Orgreave
    The Artworld Is A Very Middle Class Place
    Churches And Museums
    Night At The Museum
    Political Art
    New Projects
    Acid Brass
    Glam Rock
    Memory Bucket
    Social Surrealism
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