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THE »WOLF OF ART« (pendant)
Brigade Commerz

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Jonathan Meese

  • “The ‘Wolf of Art’ Eats All Opportunists”, 2017
    Edition of 13/13 plus 10 APs

    Weight: ca. 63 g
    W = 48 mm
    H (incl. eye) = 54 mm
    D = 21 mm

    Rolo chain necklace, measurements: 4.5 x 3.7 mm
    Length: 700 mm with carabiner clasp
    Weight: ca. 23.50 g

    The »Wolf of Art« Eats All Opportunists is the title of a stunning new edition by Jonathan Meese in collaboration with B.H. Mayer’s IdentitySign. Limited to only 13 copies worldwide, this unique jewelry collection plays with Leitmotifs from Wagner’s »Ring« and the cosmos of Jason Dark’s horror fiction series »Ghost Hunter John Sinclair«, in which werewolves were hunted with silver bullets.
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