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Product Details:

Scarlettierbaby's Himbeermundgeist
(Scarlettierbaby's Raspberry Mouth Spirit)
Edition of 40

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Jonathan Meese

  • Product Details:
    Limited edition of 40 bottles
    * Raspberry brandy distilled of well-chosen and juicy matured berries
    * Distilled after an old recipe
    * 50cl (40% Vol) in original bottle from the Black Forest
    * Numbered and hand signed by the artist
    * Exclusively on the occasion of his forthies birthday
    * With black label using a special collage and the world formular of Jonathan Meese

    A very special edition on the occasion of Jonathan Meese’s forthies birthday. Signed by the artist, in traditional bottle, produced and bottled by Distillery Ritter, Blackforest, in grey cardboard box.

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