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Brigade Commerz

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Raymond Pettibon & Oliver Augst

  • Product Details:
    Limited edition of 100 copies
    * one-track 10 inch with music by Raymond Pettibon & Oliver Augst
    * 90-gram heavyweight black vinyl
    * etching of an artwork by Pettibon
    * In transparent sleeve, white disc cover and bespoke 4 c insert
    * Cd with original track

    Brigade Commerz is excited to announce a new collaboration with Raymond Pettibon and German sound artist Oliver Augst. This unique 10 inch vinyl pressing includes “Muss I denn (zum Städtele hinaus)”, Pettibon’s dysfunctional flirtation with the dark side of Elvis’ big hit adaptation “Wooden Heart”. Housed in transparent sleeve and white disc cover, with an exclusive 4 c digital print of “No title (It would be)” and the etching of “No title (Thinking fastball seeing) on the records B side this stunning edition is limited to 100 copies worldwide.
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