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Picture Disc in Wunderkammer

German artist Marcel Odenbach is worldwide well know as a pioneer in the history of video art. Odenbach is not only one of the most significant contemporary video artists using found footage but also a passionated collector and expert in African art and culture.

Consequently the Dom Quartier Salzburg asked him for an installation in the museum's own Kunst- and Wunderkammer where he filled a showcase with artifacts for his installation "Sprünge in der Wahrnehmung" (Cracks in Perception). Besides the bronze of a male black from a Vienna workshop and a metal plate with a portrait of Nelson Mandela on it he uses several records amongst others Public Enemy's "Hazy Shade of Criminal" and "The Idea of Africa", the picture disc he produced with Brigade Commerz - Audio Arts Archives - a major honor!

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