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Good Bye, Lenin!

BC report from the black sea coast of Bulgaria. After 25 years of Postcommunism and the shift to capitalism nearly nothing of the visual culture of the Soviet Union survived. Searching for some Lenin statues or portraits I discovered a few relicts of that perished empire in a junk shop: a ghostly oil print with Lenin lounching and reading a book in a covered arm chair – a more than bourgeois ambiente, a marketry with his portrait for some 60th anniversary, and a beautiful statuette, which was really cheap because the right feet is missing. Following Monty Phyton’s Communist Quiz Scetch the final question to Marx and Communism to win „the beautiful lounge“ is not „The struggle of class against class is a what struggle?“ or „The development of industrial proletaria is conditioned by what other event?“, but „Who won the English football cup in 1949?“.

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