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Production status Pettibon

The test samples for the Pettibon 10 inch vinyl and 12 inch picture vinyl arrived..

The etching of the baseball player on the B-side of "Wooden Heart" looks marvelous and the track itself sounds crystal clear. Test pressings are always 12 inch format, so the outer edge of the vinyl is later cut away. Also the white label on the photo will be exchanged with a "translucent" black one on the original record.

To understand the production steps of the 12 inch picture disc manufacturing here is a photo of the "Blank meets Pettibon" paper labels.

25 copies of the "The Saucer Such" label for the backside will be send to Pettibon's studio in L. A. where he will sign and number them with a red felt pen for the special edition. The signed labels will then go back to the pressing plant where all the copies of the whole edition will be put under a so called vinyl "biscuit". After that the "biscuit" is pressed with the stampers of the front and backside under the influence of steam and cooling. That's why you can play the signed record as well as the limited version without ruining the signature.

A youtube video explains the whole manufacturing process of a vinyl record in general.

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